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linda-mota's News

Posted by linda-mota - March 2nd, 2014

I want to thank the gentleman who purchased Only Good Words yesterday! If you're reading this your painting will be shipped Monday afternoon! I had to improvise on packaging since I do not want the canvas to get man handled.

Added a few more things to the store too. A painted version of the Blue Baby print is up, one of the ink drawings with progeria children is up too, The two black heads on un primed canvas, and a recently edited acrylic painting of a dead baby is up too.

I managed to photograph the preserved mouse too. Lighting outside has been real shitty so the rat will have to wait. The dead mouse comes in a nice jar, and the cork has been sealed to prevent anyone from opening it and leaking.

Also he's kinda cute, my cats kill the cutest mice.














Due to bigger products I'll have to up the shipping for some just because they charge so much for international. Like one time I was going to send someone a box of goodies that weighed about 4 pounds and they wanted 43 dollars to ship it.

Here's the link to the store----------> http://rubberneck.storenvy.com/

Thanks a ton for everyone just cheking it out and buying stuff, it really means alot. The money's going towards my future masters program, as well as my siblings schooling due to some money issues at home. You guys are wonderful. Have a great day!


Posted by linda-mota - February 17th, 2014

Only Good Words, Revelations, Sleepless, and the woodblock shadowman got added to the rubberneck store this week along with some jewelry I made. I added another cynotype with a really old photograph me and my mother took eons ago along with a sketch that was inverted during the developing process. You can check out the whole store here-----> http://rubberneck.storenvy.com/

I preserved a large rat too, but the sun hasn't been out too much this week. He'll be on the store too when I can grab soem really good photos of him. Not to worry all the preserved animals are clean. Just as long as you don't take them out of the jars like a jerk.

I managed to get ahold of some old 4x6 glossy photograph paper that's compatible with my printer. I was debating which one of my B & W drawings I could print on there and put out for about 6 bucks (due to ink prices). If anyone's interested which one of the drawings could be printed?  There's about a few dozen blanks right now.

Ok bye now.


Posted by linda-mota - February 7th, 2014

Added some new stuff to the store. Had a bit of a hard time photographing all the stuff since it's been cold and cloudy the past week. Managed to get at least 2 iteams up, a dead shrew in a jar and 3 pendants I painted. I have a big ass rat in a jar that will be up soon so keep an eye out. Support is awesome as the money's going straight towards my MFA program in 2015!


This is one of the animals that will be up there. Don't worry they died by my cats!



Posted by linda-mota - January 26th, 2014

Worked on getting photographs for the new online store I set up! Go check it out!


So far there's two prints, some beads n jewelry, shirts I made, and skeleton babies. You can preorder stuff too, I can crank these things out at a decent pace.

Thanks a bunch!

Posted by linda-mota - January 10th, 2014

Returned from a three week adventure in Canada with a coot cat not too long ago. It was loads of fun, and managed to get sleep for once thanks to thim. Though the sleep invited a plethora of weird as hell ""bad pizza" dreams, and the return of octopus man.

A handful of months ago I had a dream where i was whisked away from some knife weilding maniac by a previous crush. He had the urula thing going, the bottom half of him was all tentacles, but no tenacle fooling aroud of any kind. I call him octopus man for shits n giggles since I didn't want to forget him since I wanted him to be a subject of some bullshit deep sex drawing. I almost forgot about him until the dream came back. I think it's due to an octopus print that hung in the room I was sleeping in.

I did a watercolor in the wee hours of the morning based on all that nonsense. Loking back on it now I'm not happy with it and will redo it when it comes back...

Old dreams with an old recurring theme have come back too. Some of the recent stuff I posted are straight out from thoses dreams. They help, but it made me realize an old problem I've had most of my life is still there. It's something I need to confront, it's caused me a lot of trouble body, mind, and to an extent soul too. This came up I think ten times during the whole trip. When I got back they stopped. I think because of recent event going on, and getting into a serious relationship again brought back the old demons I thought were long gone. only one way to deal with it is to beat the living shit out of it until it's a bloody pulp.

I'm looking back at that Abby junk too, I doubt there will be any more of Abby stuff for a long time since the drive for that story has passed. Maybe someday, right now I'm putting together an idea that came from a class and considering compiling it for a book. I'm almost 22 with two rooms filled with ideas that are never written, and artwork that has never been sold. It's getting too much and something needs to be done. Considering opening a temporary online store a friend suggested and see if anyone would budge on that. This is getting stupid. This spring is going to be crazy.


Posted by linda-mota - September 29th, 2013

It smells like old coffee and fruit in here. I need to get out more, but I keep pushing away people I know in favor of being a recluse in bed. It's a bad habit I try to break. Sometimes I feel I will pass in the bed I sleep in. Many people I know cheer, so I suppose that's what keeps me going.

I wish those I've met in internet land were close by. It seems more men have professed their interests in me online than in real life. That's a white lie, a few man children have come along. They're mostly the doughy nerd man babies who have a shy girl fetish. They're almost always the ones with the outlandish fetishes, and are more arrogant and find uglier women to cheat on.

I had a friend try to contact me too. I stopped talking to him over a year ago due to some stuff going down. He tried to call me and I texted him, but life caught up and we stopped talking. A year later his mother told my sister to tell me he misses me. That really bothered me. He's always been a coward who'd twiddle his thumbs and let his mother pressure him. I was very fond of him, and probably would've dated him. It wasn't meant to be, and I think it's for the best. If he tried to get back in touch with me I'd be fine, but using him mother as a messenger just put me off. It hurt more than I though. I don't know why.

I've forgotten the point of this post, I feel like there should be something new here ever few weeks. I use tumblr for that, but there are too many people on that horrible site that make me want to star in a puke porn. I have a tumblr, but it regressed from an update of some shit in my life to a haven of obese people, orgish shit, fatty porn, and deformed babies. If you want the tumblr message me or something.

I posted some new art so you can go look of you want. I thank each and every one of you for support. It means the world to me.


Posted by linda-mota - August 18th, 2013

There's an allure to the faceless artist on the web, and in real life. It's the same idea as the faceless motorcyclist in black. They can be anyone, maybe someone beautiful. Your dream lover.

When art is made, and there's no face to the artist, you'll conjure up a pretty face depending on the art. With "dark art", or whatever you call that crap, you'll picture a sleek edgy guy who enjoys Poe and wears black all the time. If there's any hints of femininity, you'll picture some girl in torn black clothes with funky colored hair.

Tim Burton wannabes are usually pictured as post high school girls/guys who are stuck in their goth phase and act like that bullshit quirky shit people think is cute.

Art that looks like conventional comic art, or whatever is popular now, are pictured as beta comic geeks. The level of fat and beta depends on how the people are drawn.

There was this guy I used to crush on whose art reminded me of comic guys who have a massive hard on for that Dark Tower series Stephen King did. I think there's a comic series for that? I don't know. The guy I knew would talk about that fucking series whenever he opened his mouth. I think he started illustrating stephen king crap I haven't talking to him in over a year.

We project what we want with the artist who does your favorite art. Sometimes you'll message them and hope they're hot and start a 'star crossed internet lover' bullshit that every tumblr bitch masturbates to.

All in all it all depends on what you like, and how old and lonely you are.

Celx finished a movie, go look at it you shit.



Posted by linda-mota - July 7th, 2013

No matter what you say or do, you will always become the person you hate the most.There is at least one person we hate/loathe with passion. We've known this person since we were young, or they left such a large mark in your mind you'll never forget them. Whether it's family, friends, or a loose acquaintance, they've done things that would embarrass you, or cruel depending on your age and outlook.

They would be so mean, hurting you and everyone around them in any physical or mental way possible. As you get older you keep telling yourself that you will never become that person. You will make something of yourself, a kind human being who will be kind to family and peers, have different values and counteract cultural mores.

Sometimes you don't realize how hellbent you're set on becoming the opposite of that loathsome person. Other times you've got so much on your plate you do not realize you're slowly picking up habits which that which you vowed you'd never do. Very slowly you mimic the actions of the loathsome one. You take on their views, most of the time their temper, attitudes, and in extreme cases, likes and dislikes. It's almost a mirror image of what you endures years ago.

To say you're becoming a carbon copy is absurd. You have your own uniqueness, however when it comes down to it you've become that which you've hate. There is no escaping it you disgusting pig, you're far too late.

Is this avoidable? It depends. This sort of thing is an issue with the self, mind, and soul. I believe some genuine soul searching apart from any institution is needed. Take what you believe, or what brings you peace and concentrate on that. Find what you can use to meditate. It doesn't taker long, and finding yourself can help avoid the cycle so many of us become a part of.

hopefully embedding works here as I've been having issues.


Posted by linda-mota - June 23rd, 2013

As years go by, Celx will forgo his skinny shell and embrace the fat fuck he is. When he embraces his inner fat self he will glow. His new found glow will attract the most beautiful of women and he will live the rest of his short life on oxygen and on a BBC hour special on fat.

The fat god celx in his final form

Goodnight and pleasant dreams.

go look at this future fat fuck

Celx is a fat fuck

Posted by linda-mota - May 14th, 2013

I posted a ton of prints I did over the semester. There's a whole lot more than the ones here, the rest are on my deviantart for the curious. There's one I really liked, but it included photography so I'll leave it here.

Bye bye/