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slimey octopus men and pizza dreams

Posted by linda-mota - January 10th, 2014

Returned from a three week adventure in Canada with a coot cat not too long ago. It was loads of fun, and managed to get sleep for once thanks to thim. Though the sleep invited a plethora of weird as hell ""bad pizza" dreams, and the return of octopus man.

A handful of months ago I had a dream where i was whisked away from some knife weilding maniac by a previous crush. He had the urula thing going, the bottom half of him was all tentacles, but no tenacle fooling aroud of any kind. I call him octopus man for shits n giggles since I didn't want to forget him since I wanted him to be a subject of some bullshit deep sex drawing. I almost forgot about him until the dream came back. I think it's due to an octopus print that hung in the room I was sleeping in.

I did a watercolor in the wee hours of the morning based on all that nonsense. Loking back on it now I'm not happy with it and will redo it when it comes back...

Old dreams with an old recurring theme have come back too. Some of the recent stuff I posted are straight out from thoses dreams. They help, but it made me realize an old problem I've had most of my life is still there. It's something I need to confront, it's caused me a lot of trouble body, mind, and to an extent soul too. This came up I think ten times during the whole trip. When I got back they stopped. I think because of recent event going on, and getting into a serious relationship again brought back the old demons I thought were long gone. only one way to deal with it is to beat the living shit out of it until it's a bloody pulp.

I'm looking back at that Abby junk too, I doubt there will be any more of Abby stuff for a long time since the drive for that story has passed. Maybe someday, right now I'm putting together an idea that came from a class and considering compiling it for a book. I'm almost 22 with two rooms filled with ideas that are never written, and artwork that has never been sold. It's getting too much and something needs to be done. Considering opening a temporary online store a friend suggested and see if anyone would budge on that. This is getting stupid. This spring is going to be crazy.



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