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How's that for one hell of an eye catcher.


It's true, my now fiancee and I had some long talks with career changes on her end and future plans and we decided to just say fuck it and tie the knot. i got a ring coming in the mail with what small funds she has and with this change things are going to work a hell of a lot better. since she's enlisting we're getting this nonsense over with in the court house. i never wanted a bigass wedding and stress out about the rest of my life with someone i don't hate nor freak out about a pay piggy industry. To each's own who want to do that stuff, doesn't jam well with me and my fiancee.

Are there risks? of course, but i always felt my best decisions were the most riskier ones. Even the ones where things didn't go 100% or were terrible. i don't regret anything I've done that ended bad, or the things that Newgrounds has led me. I've like seen so many people and become friends with so many here it's really nice.

Well we're going to the courthouse soon and If anyone feels compelled to buy some of my merch or books or shirts go ahead. Any extra really goes towards taking care of my family and things I need!


been promoted to lead teacher over at work earlier so that's been nice. A couple of flakers with buying art but that's whatever. I shared all my friends this news so I wanted to share that with you all.

thanks for listening to my ramblings over the years and the support my last 11 years of newgrounds. without this site man i dunno where i would be at.

love you all.


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