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What's it's been like 2 months the last time I posted, I've not worked since then. Job has no clue when they're going to open, and a few places are seesawing around reopening or not. I think June, worst case August will have some sort of normalcy. We'll see, this shit's been taking it's toll I've been having more headaches and weird night terror eps that are creeping back.


A few of the great things about this was getting a shitload of inking done and some projects that I has on the back burner for a year. One of them was that poem book I posted a few weeks ago: Dead angels. For a few years now I've been saving these quips of poetry. Some I don't remember writing, and some I do. It was really weird gathering the old art I wanted in the book, and making some new illustrations. A bit cathartic since it dealt with some heavy shit. That book you can buy from amazon, which to be honest i'm not a fan of the company but i've gotten so much bullshit with my writing getting denied having the ability to have it self published and getting some $$ out of it is nice. if anyone has any suggestions for other sites let me know!

Dead angels book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0875YMZ7L

Some other stuff too if you follow my twitter and instagram! I've had a shirt project, 2nd pin project, and a face mask project on the back for months due to cherubs and mavathatos taking some huge importance during my free time. I spent the last 2 weeks gathering stuff for these projects and I'm really excited about these projects.


I drew this design around November and since I had time I decided to get proofs and an estimate for these. They're HUGE like 3 inches and there's like 50 of the silver, and 50 of the gold. I listed a pre order since I'm out of work I just don't have enough to order them myself compared to the other manufacturer I had to pay since they waited the longest. If anyone wants to reserve a spot I'll link it below here, it really means a lot.


Another pre order I listed earlier today was the face masks! Anyone looking in my lore knows about CHEMA and his face mask he wears to stay in his humanoid form. Same with cherubs (I've alluded to that). I made a more intricate design and found a place that doesn't charge so much for orders. I'm going to be making 100 of these for $7, if you want to reserve one for yourself click the link below. They're those cotton face masks you'd see at cons. I'm nto sure if I'll have enough to pay the makers quick so pre orders would help big time.



The last preorder I listed it a bit more complicated. I used to hand make my shits 100% with a silk screen and everything. I don't have space for that anymore, plus the local place I used to get my shirts from changed the clothing blend. I'm not a fan of the polyester/cotton blend. It irritated my skin, i like making stuff I think would be comfy for me and everyone else. I'd love to do a bigger shirt run, but I just don't have the money for it. I'm getting a grant from the city because working artists are getting at least something, and i don't know if it'll pay for a bigger order of 25 shirts. I lsited the small preorder link to see if anyone wanted to preorder. they're 100% cottom shirts and really comfy. My job used these local guys (custom ink) for our organizations shirt and they're really comfortable. plus supporting local is the way to go. if youwant to preorder the mava shirt go for it! link is below!



Along with that is another big bone update. I went with doing mammal bones for the longest time, and for the last year i've been working with these alligator vertebrae and last night I just finished them. They're similar to the deer bones with the quartz, but a different brand of paint and a glossier uv finish. They came out really pretty check it out

i just listed these too! They're like $20 and I only have 12 available. If you want one now's the chance.


(pardon my nails and hands btw :(


and i made some earrings from some gems/shells I had. Nickel free too cause i'm sensitive to metals ans so are a lot of people. probably one of the cheapest things I have next to the stickers and zines. They're 5 bucks if anyone's interested.



This post just seems like a BUY MY SHIT I NEED $ didn't it? Kinda ended up this way, so my apologies. I'm just preparing for the worst case scenario as I'm job hunting/waiting to hear back from my other job. not to mention trying to make more updated merch when festivals are back. How's everyone doing so far? I hope it's not as stressful, it's a hard thing not to stress about. Thinking of this as a time to catch up on ink, projects, and improvement on a craft really helps. Hope people in the states got their trumpbux. if you didn't just message me and I can help. I was able to help a ton get their check even if they didn't get their taxes. I don't know if the window to get it is gone,but I'm happy to help.

Took one of my cats to the vet, the grey one my dad wanted to keep but i'm pretty much taking care of. He acts like a dog and since he was beat up so much as a baby he's all wobbly and can't really run. Great cat though, he's really sweet. With all the special needs animals I've had/fostered it's not a big deal. My dog is getting older too and it's sad to see. I've had her since I was 17, been tough with her stubborn personality but I love my animal buds. Gf is job hunting too but we're managing. I think that's also why i've been doing updates to the store everyday. Deleted my etsy too, there was like 0 traffic to is and I was loosing money having that. Storenvy isn't perfect but it had much more exposure.

Those who read this whole post thanks a ton, all the support all the years has meant so much, even if it's been a little. i hope everyone stays safe and things settle down! Night. <3


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