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Virus virus kachow (buy my stuff)

Posted by linda-mota - March 14th, 2020

Sometimes things have a real shaky start, but ends good in it's own way. It makes sense after a certain period of time.


Also having people vilify your choices by talking about a path you almost took and their regrets is nice to hear. Not to brag about "oh fuck you I made the better choice." It gives you an idea of another timeline, if that makes sense.

My work merged with another art program that's been going downhill since the 90's. Funny enough I used to go to their free classes when we were struggling back around 97-99. Out of the shitty people that left one I'm pretty sure taught me, and she was a massive ass. She's not put together brain wise, it's surreal. I'm not angry, but it's just weird seeing someone from your past you never thought you see again. We have another lady named Kat who's this tough Navy bitch, she's great and always tells us about the more "normie" art shows that we could sell stuff at. I was talking to her while getting ready for a class and her story had me reflecting the last 2 weeks. She wanted to do art (she was a kiddo in the 60/70's) and her father did NOT want that and pressured her to do what he wanted, which was going into the navy. She did that, but was lamenting how she felt she would be doing better with her art if she took that risk. There was some resentment in her tone, and she wasn't even fond of her navy experience. I got pressured to go into the army. I wasn't sure how shit would work out and some classmates were going that route. I wasn't sure how i'd make any of the art shit work, but it's been getting a hell of a lot better despite me grumbling about sales. It really was seeing and alternate version, complete with the "you be a doctor or a lawyer" talk she got decades ago. she does good art , and she appreciates the vet discounts.

I don't know, I like to type stuff here and leave it be before I change my mind, most of what goes on is around here anyway. There's nothing to hide and it's nice to get some feelings out and avoid the old bottling up bullshti again. props goes into recent events with this corona shit.

It figures something like this happens during tax season. It's weird, last month at a show I was vending at some of us were really skeeved out with the corona virus talk. We saw a girl I usually vend next to leave early cause she was sick. Regular flu stuff, but it set us on the edge. Funny enough I just bought my mom a costco membership to help her out and her first experience was seeing the panic buyers hoard all the fucking toilet paper and lysol wipes. Yesterday all the Gatorade and milk was gone. What's the store status with some of you? It's a bit surreal, but it's more stressful job wise.

I teach kiddos in my dayjob and people are scaring the shit out of them. A bunch of my 2nd graders were asking me if they're gonna die, which isn't fair for those kids. 80% of my kids come from really fucked up homes and/or have absent parents or ones that are nurses and need these programs to keep their kids safe. This whole week was us trying to figure out of we should continue our spring break week activity for the kids or just stay home. Here's the shit part: since we're contracted we don't have paid leave. On top of taxes (I posted the snippit of that shit on my twitter). my boss is trying to figure out some stuff since we all have bills to pay, people to take care of, and taxes. My coworker's husband does a lot of media events in houston and a good chunk of them are cancelled. He's trying to find work right now. Things are crazy.

I updated my storenvy, dropped prices, and added some stuff I'm willing to part with and I need to sell some stuff! So many of us are scrambling to find something for income and sell our art. I'm sorry I can't offer any deals or sales, but I hope the price drops are okay. I try to be reasonable with pricing, but man I got to make some cash I got things to take care of. I promise I'll include some free goodies too. My spongecunt pins are listed there on a good price. If you're not comfy with storenvy we can work with paypal privately.

the pin


Mavathatos Book two will be coming later this year, I have everything mapped out and all the illustrations drawn and posted here. I was originally going for August, but I'm probably aiming for Sept/Oct. Book 1 is still available though! You can buy it on the amazon link.

Storelink: https://rubberneck.storenvy.com/

Amazon Book (Mavathatos 1): https://www.amazon.com/dp/1686919077

Even if you can't buy anything I really do appreciate reviews, comments, and just reading my stuff. It's been 10 years on this website and it's been an interesting ride. I met some people for better or worse had an impact on my stuff. I wouldn't be friends with some people or done certain things without this website. It's really interesting how a site does that, hadn't had anything like that since my tokyopop/deviantart days. I wanted to make a post the anniversary of making an account here, but I was just so busy with work. It's been surreal, and sometimes I can't what's real or what I remembered actually happened or was some catatonic episode. I've been doing loads better every since mid 2018 and I hope that stays somewhat consistent.

Anyway thanks for reading and hope everyone stays safe. Thanks for the continued support!




I teach 2nd grade too. I feel you on all of that. I hope you're doing ok otherwise. Everything's gone to shit around here.

yea and those kids have tough lives. my work puts me with the troubled kids cause of personal experiences growing up. i miss those kids they're so sweet and smart. i hope they're safe and okay.

@SevenSeize @linda-mota I'm thinking about mailing mine some treats for Easter. I figure there will be minimal germs if I mail it. I'm bummed out we missed St. Patricks Day because I always set a leprechaun trap and we go outside and look for 4 leaf clovers....we're basically missing the most fun part of the year!