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I WROTE A BOOK + other things

Posted by linda-mota - August 23rd, 2019

I don't remember when's the last time i posted, the last 5 months have really zoomed past with way too many things going on and facing quite a bit of disassociation and trying to keep a relapse from occurring.


i'm in the middle of transitioning jobs and I was fortunate to not quit my current one as this place has been dragging their feet, and other places having a domino effect on some of my applications. I had a few days where I was in a daze just wondering why I'd want to sacrifice a lot for teaching at these schools in this area. I do classes for kids in an afterschool art program and I really love doing that because I have so much more room with flexibility, how i teach the kids, and a lot of support. pay is shit and no benefits but the schools have been a shit show and I've found myself in a bit of a personal crisis. Ive always done art and writing and yea it's been really hard to make myself be heard. If I didn't have this I know I'd be dead by now. My gf has been the most supportive person right now and idk how i'd be without her. She's settled in moving with all the nonsense with changing states. I'm fine I've been iffy but I'll be okay, really busy with a lot of things and a digital residency and shows. It's good to be busy but I wonder if the teaching thing in public schools is the way to go anymore.

So I think it was almost a year ago I was writing the first 39 pages of the personal first run of the Mavathatos book. It went well, but I realized it was way too short and needed some filling. Some more things were added to flesh out the beginning part since I divided up the whole story into 4 volumes. After all the mess I fixed shit up and I have Volume 1 of Mavathatos available through amazon. I'll put a kindle version soon, that's apparently a different format I have to adjust for the manuscript. Anyway digital version coming soon, the physical copies are $15 dollars and it'll include the black and white illustrations in a 106 page book along with some quips I never posted online. Kindle version i'm not sure how much it will be. I'll keep you all updated on that.

You can get it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1686919077

I also had another influx of followers here, and I want to say hello to those guys too. Hope everything I do is good for you guys. I don't update this part as much due that isn't cherubs due to some things. If any of you guys bought a book would be amazing. Support from you guys has been great in the past and it's always been amazing to have some awesome fans.

Hope you guys have a good night and thanks for reading!




Such inspiring musical selections here. :) That photo though, damn, heavy symbolism. Hope things work out! What's on the horizon apart from public teaching? Online courses maybe...? Seems a lot of YTrs are trying that lately. You'd definitely have a new angle to contribute.

so far so good. mom was worried about the "social consequence" of being in a relationship with a transwoman. My sister had the best response with that where she said "Hey linda is gonna do linda she doesn't care." TBH photo came from a 4chan thread on public service and didn't give it much thought there lol. it's funny because there is a market for online teaching but it's so unprofessionally common to ghost candidates and wanting desperate teachers in the horrible schools with little support. My uni has a habit of wanting former MFA canidates in the faculty so hoping for that because that'd be a dream

Aw man, I thought the master photographer behind that image was most definitely you. Delving into alternative; equally expressive forms of still media...

Must be a pretty interesting relationship. :D Nice. For online courses I was thinking more of the freelance market though: https://learnmonthly.com/andrew-huang-music

...if you've made a name for yourself within artistic groups maybe there'd be some interest!