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Dang sorry to hear about the job, how's that gone since?

Always fun to see what you're making (ain't anything wrong with those hands and nails either) but that international shipping thing... finna order a bundle whenever I get rich enough to spare some! Hope you're doing alright though!

Also gotta say your new profile pic is profoundly distracting too. :P Keep looking at the avatar when I'm supposed to be looking at the art beside it.

And: what was that YT video here? Seems to not be available nymore...

i need to write a follow up. i'm back at the job with weirdness surrounding it and the threat of the program compleatly loosing funding and loosin the job cause of talking heads but whatever. so far i'm okay. yea dude international shipping is nuts! shit to send a goof package to cali was like 15 bucks! yea a bunch others are waiting for international shipping to stop. got a peice of art i wanted from a person but shipping it from germany to the states is like 50 bucks! yea everyone loves the discount undertaker, will never use my face lmao. you know what too i don't even rememebr what the video was. some music...

Nice. :) Good to hear you haven't been without all this time at least, though these uncertainties probably won't get much better with winter... *fingers traversed*

Yeaah both the shipping itself and the taxes/custom/service fee that comes after now. They just keep adding more and more layers to it, doesn't seem like they want people buying stuff across borders at all.

Regarding Inktober I had no idea about that Jake Parker drama. :/ Reading up now, good to know but same time I wish I didn't... no alternative names really have the same ring, drawtober doesn't work as well with music/writing either... need to read up on the implications of using a trademark name, from what I'm reading it seems like as long as you don't use it in conjunction with a different trademark or for profit it shouldn't be an issue...

considering there's a few countries in lockdown 2.0 idk. just layin low and getting shit done anyway..

yea shit even in some states here shipping went up plus some metal shortages n whatnot. another person i knew from germany was trying to send me something and they're getting stupid with shit. it's annoying as hell.

yea i actually looked into that because following the peanut gallery often leads to misinfo. as much as inktober sounds cool and got people to buy more of my shit, why support someone who does dumb legal stuff. cause there was a good way to do that, but for some reason legal smarts is lacking...so whatever. the not using the logo deal i understand, but everything else was just dumb. better ways to handle it but it is what it is

Mmm that's all you can do really, not much in brooding those future uncertainties.

Ah metal? Material you use for your craft? Seems like it really is an international phenomenon now, thought it was more so Europe getting all this new crazy.

So wait, you'd rather have stuck with Inktober too...? Or did I misread that? Well whatever name works works. If you happen to be doing any heavy-metal related stuff there's Rocktober too, like the name of that. :) The Octatober and Pixeltober ones though and what-not eh... gets me wondering why I use a name at all on my own stuff. The challenge is doing something every day, doesn't need to be showcased as part of a series or franchise in any way for that to be upheld. Useful promo with the title? Maybe it does sell, but maybe there's so much daily stuff now that people actually steer away from these titles in favor of what they might consider more original stuff, who knows...

However you it though all good with me!