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EDIT: For some reason NG won't let me put up my pictures here in this post so plese click the links please!!!!

I had a long as fuck post here with all sorts of fancy edits and spelling/grammer edits but I just lost all of that so fuck it no personal garbage nor deep introspection on my binging problems and uber loved ones. Though for the first time in probably in a long time/ever I have this peace of mind about a lot of things. Mostly personal stuff and If I go on it'll be soft and goey and it will get too personal than i'd like to get. Sometimes this acts like a blogpost that belongs on my personal tumblr, and i'm so happy few people (if not none since it's the 3rd blog since getting banned on that site a lot)  know about it. My personal haven of fatporn, guro, and stupid gushy personal shit.
I will say things look really weird and fucked up on both ends, and I'm confident with a lot of things. Life's really fuckign weird. I had some shit come in the mail that's helped pay for a bunch of things that i didn't expect. I was worried how those things would get settled but yea that happened. Shit can look really tough and never ending and just a wave of bullshit shity shit.

With that said I made more ZINES since the last time i posted. Issue #1 and #2 of the UNSPOKEN DIALOGUE are still up! That and and a little ZINE called Cherubs is up. I posted the coverpage awhile back but theres plenty of copies left. been busy getting into the zine scene here, taking on a second job, and dealing with lsot funds with reject letters of shows. It's not the rejects, it's the money it's a shitty way to get your shit out there and trying to find different avenues. Getting comissions i don't know how you guys here do it, I've offered it and no one bit, so I stopped offering unless osmeone asks. But I have so much shit in the store and all these recent watercolors available that I think its ok. Pretty much anything up here is available to purchase.

I say this cause the trip to germany is official. Got the ticket and whatnot and will be heading there in june. This means with a bunch of shit neading to be paid off i woun't be able to go to pico day. The original plan was to take a pal and roadtrip there, getting a ticket would cost a bit to much right now with school, the business school, paying to crack windsheild, and germany trip ti's too much of everything happening at once. i'll try to be at the stream. Hope those going have an awesome time.

In germany I'm going to be pretty much in the building working while making small trips to berlin dicking around teh art crowd and getting art supplies/food. I'm still trying to learn a bit or german so i dont' sound like im going full retard in shit german. The soft skeleton thing i've been doing is gonna be my main focus there, but i'm also working on a script for a secret project hope can work out here shhh. You'll fnd out in july when i get back.
Besides that I've been pulling crazy nights this semester working, making merch, flippign off reject letters, dealign with flakey clients, and probably fuckign with my heart with those rockstar energy drinks. It's paid off the director pulled me in and i got a really good scholarship for the next year! it'll mean i'll have to TA classes for undergrads, but shit i'll do anything for those people. That guy is one of the few people that get how I function, and he's teh best bastard ever who wears the same black shit everyday lik i do i'm not joking it's the best.
I stared a TWITTER and INSTAGRAM in March and those are fun it you wanna follow me. My twitter whores out my store and my jojo shitposting. If you can tolerate my love for the jostars and asshole dio then awesome. Instagram has more of my WIPS, cats, dogs, and work that's pretty safe.

I teamed up with some guy to make shirt snd the falling bighead is available! Go buy it here! The support means a lot and it's legit don't worry! :D

The Deer Bone Necklaces and Druzy/Amethyst necklaces are up and pretty as hell go check them out on the store!

Also please read this last part and ocnsider it. I posted this on the gaming forum about this and one guy recomended me making a post about it here. So my pal is at the endgame stages of his game and launched his indiegogo page for the last stretch of his game. I've seen him work at this for YEARS and really pumped at how close it's getting to being finished! The crowdfunding thing is really the last bit of help since he's been funding it himself for years. The demo is even up here too. Apparently NG can't take exe files. But if you guys could

even just check it out and leave feedback for him that would be amazing the support of you guys is awesome. :)
I had something nice here, but it's 6 in teh morning here and the patience to craft this peice of shit post is wearing off. I wanna say is that some good and bad shit had been happening on both ends for me and others, I don't understand why they happen, but it's really weird how down the road it works out in it's werird way. how the hell can we tell what's gonna happen or the future? we don't, shit can happen RIGHT WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. You don't know how to react and just ride it out and jsut be there and suport those you care for the most. That and tell them how much you mean to them. Sometimes I think others (and myself) are afraid to tell other how much they mean to them and look cold. Nah don't do that.

sorry no deep shit, so tired. Go on my tumblr for that shit.

Thank you for everything and for taking the time to read my shit have a nice day guys. <3


ps i'm in a collab that will be out soo be on the lookout for that! ;)


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