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The queerest dreams happen whenever I'm getting a goodnight sleep with someone else on the bed.

I’m back after a nice trip spending it with someone very close and it was a really nice trip. I went to my first stripjoint (missed out on getting a poster from her, oh well), learned my limit with boozing, and had some of the most vivid dreams I haven’t had since September (?). The vivid ones tend to reflect more on personal fears, or your subconscious telling you to stop watching weird shit.

One of them was with my SO 69ing a little black woman, and I was furious. Apparently he did that because she couldn’t pay rent and the act served as one instead. It ended in a minor fight with him telling me to leave since I’m not paying to stay in the house.

The other one played out like some weird show. One scene had these really shitty looking vampires trying to make a devil deal by seeing through a curtain and picking the right patch to make it. One of the vampires started saying he’s into shit, but a shit pool party was too much for a shit eater like him. It ended with someone else making a deal with a devil to talk if he gave up his tongue. He did it and later got hit by a bus.

There was one sex dream, and for once it didn’t end horribly. I can’t remember exactly what went on, but it went pretty well up until there was one scene that played out like the binding of Isaac. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not, and probably not the best thing to use dreams as signs that things are going okay. The strangest thing is that dreams can be a good indicator (when they're not weird) or what's going on, or comfirming what you don't want to admit. Interpreting dreams is tough because no one will have the same type of symblism figures out because different animals/colors do not mean the same for others. To think your can 100% understand the full meaning of a dream is foolish. Taking it with a grain of salt is key because you can get SO HUNG UP on a dream and it will cloud your judgement. This kind of shit isn't overnight, it's a bit like training your intuition. Trusting your gut. It takes time to really get the hang of it, and some people have a natural knack for it. Less bad dreams is a good thing, though the dreamless nights are back but I don't feel any ill from that. Things feel different and ti's going to be okay. There's a change in the air still.

Ever felt that? I'm not talking about the change in air because of the seasons, or pollutants. There's a thing you can feel, I can't explain it. You can SENSE something is going to happen, the bad changes usually catch you by surprise. The good things you end up half expecting it so it's not a complete surprise. It's difficult explaining it without sounding like some new age granola bitch. To sum up things without sounding lile I'm typing my master thesis this vid does the job better.


Not as ominous though...

Getting back into the swing of school and stocking up for Germany. The great thing about that trip is that since 80% of it will be spent working and 20% only require us to be human looking for a bit the clothes needed can fit into a backpack and supplies in normal luggage since the euro and dollar exchange rate isn’t very good. Which makes the amount of “we’re getting rid of all our shit” in the art stores a little concerning. When those things happen it never hurts to stock up just in case. Of course if you have the money for that go for it. I’m still trying to raise up some money for that trip without the use of those funding sites. With that said in the RUBBERNECK store the THREE EYED MEN necklaces and the HEAD BEADS are discounted a bit. The next two peopel who make purchases through me or via the store will get these cool ass music boxes!


I just really want to get rid of them they’re taking space and I want to make room for the next thing that’s coming up.

About a day after I got back my sister pointed out a deer carcass she found in an area in the woods where her SO goes to smoke. Unfortunately someone made off with the deer’s head and antlers, but the spine and some other bits were there. Right now they’re soaking to get rid of the leftover meat on the bones. It smells like rotting beef right now. The vertebrae will be made into pendants with gold leaf painted over them! There will be others that won’t be painted, like some bones will be bleached, others will be left with it’s natural color but SANITIZED. So no one has to worry about diseases. I’ll make a post when it’s done, the deer was pretty big and tearing the vertebrae’s apart was a bitch.

I posted the preview page of it, but in a week or so 50 copies of a ZINE I announced on my art blog months ago will arrive! I'm only doing 50 for now due to printing costs, but depending on how it goes another edition might be available before issue #2 is released. The ZINES will be $3.75 eachIt’s about 20 pages with 4 bonus pages of comics. Each booklet won’t have the came comics on those 4 extra pages. The ZINES are going to be a series of issues that follow a lot of personal dreams, letters, and fears since that seems to be the theme of a lot of ones in the past 5 years. I was able to ink and prepare the cover pages when I was away. Here’s what Issue #1’s cover will look.


I'll make an announcement here and on my artblog when they're here! Each ZINE will be marked, with bonus comics, and a stamp and thankyou note I leave with any purchases made.

Here's the store:

also check this shit out too it's gonna be cool as shit).

As this semester slowly begins the first year students now have to present the Master Thesis that's ging to be the theme of the show April/May 2017. It's been super difficult for me to write it down, but I feel it's getting easier. It's not that coming up with one is hard. I had my mind set what it is since April 2015. At the time it was risky due to events that spawned the whole series or paintings, but I knew it was the right direction to go to. The thesis is incredibly personal not on purpose, but it served a way to talk about things without saying words, or coming up with cornball letters. There's a fear among people who create things that basing your work on someone, or procliaming someone inspires you will lead to their ego being inflated. The affection is never returned the same way because what's hotter than having someone putting their soul into your work because of ONE person???? It's insane and one of the highest forms of flattery next to sabatoge and mockery. It's been almsot a year since then and I'm coming to terms what the works really mean, and getting comfortable talking about it. I'm continuing the narritive as we speak because it's not done. I'm not sure when it'll be done but I don't sense anything bad, so It's okay.

To everyone it'll be okay. It's the most passive things to say, btu really it is. Everything will be okay.

That and the phrase "you're never alone" is so fuckign passive. Looks liek the most annoying phrases can be true as shit it seems..

As always, thank you to everyone for support. It always means a lot and hopefully those in the east coast are trucking through that gnarly snowstorm.

Have a good morning! :)


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