Entry #47

Something Else

2017-07-09 00:43:34 by linda-mota

The weird thing about certain dreams is that when you want to scream and be in control, it's just not possible. It's like an invisible hand and other faceless beings strangling beating you until you wake up shaking. There should be a term for the combination of white noise and screaming children in dreams.

Also whoever said you can't read words in dreams was a fucking liar.


It felt like just a few months ago that I went to Germany and did what I felt had to be done. This year everyone went early, but it's just so expensive doing that travel. Even the director was going to be there and give his special classes. It just wasn't feasable. With all things considered the new job I started wouldn't allow such travel.

Oh yea I quit my job at the ice cream store months ago and through a colleague started teaching students at the studio by a bunch of districts. It mays much better, and my evaluation starts next month. I know I'll probably stick around that palce for another year or so since their teacher for the satellite locations left, A lot of these kids come from single mom homes, full time nurses, and generally low income and it's just sweet to see my students improve with their art and reading/writing comprehension. I'd love more hours but we'll see my progress come next month.

It's important to note that you should always expect the worse, but do whatever you can out of love and passion for who/what you love. Having those depressive episodes have decreased dramatically, and it's expensive to maintain them. Frugality stomps out bullshit like that. Sometimes the emerge and the detail for that are agitated my booze or other things that would make this sound liek the manic depressive cun'ts suicide manifesto.

One thing is certain, things have not changed with how I feel about the person I'm with. To put it like a melodramatic bitch. You know how surreal it is knowing someone so precious to you for almost 10 years with a history of people coming and going like a revolving door using you? Sometimes it takes some talkign through to remind yourself to not be a victim of your own paranoia. The first step is achknowledging you have a problem and actually doing shit about it.

As I'm writing this next month I'm getting my master's degree in fine art and working on my teacher's certification. i was supposed to graduate in May, but due to some infortunate circumstances with a terrible professor it cost extra money to finish the last class to get the damn degree. The new job pays better, funds have been a wee bit tight and other shit hitting the fan at house that inquired more bills. I don't mind helping financially, but when you have members who have acess to a lot of money and brag about having a rich significant other it gets a wee bit grating. I made a post about it on my instagram here. I originally wanted to raise up a grand to take care of a few things. If things go okay I'm leaving next month on a trip and not sure for how long.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rubbbernecking/

I got a pile of rejection letter from publishers and galleries pretty big and owe someone $2,500 they lent me to finish off paying the bachelors degree to get my transcripts. I wanted to pay them off faster so basically everything I have on my instagram and newgrounds accounts are for sale. Hell if you want prints of something let me know I'll get it for ya. The ultimate goal is to raise $3,500 to take care of another bill, shots for a cat my students rescued, and some other things besides paying off that person.

Considering everything and things that are happening I started a patreon account after years of knocking the shit out of that website. While I'm trying to pay off a few things and submitting letters for galleries and publishers a little extra would be amazing. I tried the best I can to make the rewards sound resonable.


With September on its way it's been almsot a year since bringing back MADNESS webcomic. It's almsot over the current chapter has 30 pages left, and the epilogue is pretty short. probably under 20 pages. it was never a long story, and I'm just happy to have some closure with the thing. I added that SCULPTOR character from cooljaw for fun just cause i liked the design of that character. That comic man, it hods a special place in the last 7 years. I'll link it over it's worth checking out and the other work. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/547415

I've looked at that old ass ABBY comic and messed with finishing it up, I had help with that years ago by celx-requin. Been too busy to finish that maybe it'll be finished. I'm working on other projects like the nest video me and SpencerXavier are working on. The last two videos we did have been fun, and I think you all will love the next one coming up. THE CHERUB BROTHERS is still going, once madness is finished I'll bring up the update schedule. I have a ton of chapters already inked up and just pacing in case work gets in the way. I pitched it to a few guys and to no avail, we'll fingure shit out.

Shit has a weird way of working out. And even then it's never the way you expected.

But again, EVERYTHING I HAVE IS FOR SALE! the storenvy changes an extra dollar for purchases so if paypal or whatever works I'll take it just gimmie a message!

For all the time I spent here, in philly, and everywhere else thanks again for all the support. It always means a lot. this fuckign website still means a lot.

With love<3




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2017-07-09 01:38:26

do you already have crowdfunding set up?

linda-mota responds:

i'd rather sell work I have instead of doing a fund raiser. it's kind of why i set up that patreon because i can offer priducts in return instead of just donate. with all the issues regarding crowdfunding and some people abusing generosity i'd rather make the money selling work i have. earning it you know?


2017-07-18 23:28:18

Is everything you have to sell up on Storenvy? Gonna buy a few things from it this week, but I gotta look through your NG postings, pretty sure I'd be happy with another 1 or 2 colored pieces.

Ugh, I've got some all black kittens too: very hairy, moderately hairy and standard hairy, a month or two younger than the ones you posted on instatumblr.

Now, as for Totty, can you send me his email address or phone #? He's got a lot of links listed but no sales site. He still hasn't responded to my PM to him, hope he's ok

linda-mota responds:

BRO CLEAN YOUR INBOX I COULDN'T MESSAGE YOU. yea the shit up on storenvy is still for sale. but they slap you with extra fees and it can cost you guys too much cause it adds up. it's been easier to just deal directly with paypal. you know it's funny you say that with kittens. i fosters and found homes for these 3 polydactly cats (6-7 xtra toes on the front paws) because a friend of a coworker saved the kittens from being killed because it's too harrd to fix your damn cats. i can give oyu totty's twitter he's active there. https://twitter.com/BrokenTVanim


2017-09-05 14:53:38

I'm actually glad to see how active someone is on Newgrounds. I used to submit a lot of art on NG during College, but not so much now. I come here from time to time, but your works and comics are some of the things that's worth coming back to Newgrounds for. The surrealism in your art is something I see in my own dreams with clarity that is hard to grasp the details of in my waking life.

Thank you for that and please continue giving your best. If by chance you have a link I will also like to follow you on your Patreon page.

linda-mota responds:

this was a really nice surprise after fighting traffic for 3+ hours in houston. i've always wondered if i post on the site for sentimentl reasons or other, but i've just met a ton of people, some very special here so it's been such a great place. comment made my day yesterday was super nice (btw patreon link is on teh side of my profile under the sites tab but you do whatever you like thanks for looking at my stuff!)


2017-10-08 15:45:55

Still waiting on Totty, had some health probs, vid card essploded, I still feel like shit. How's things at the ranch, all dried out? You've got some splendid new pieces out, huh? They look fucking awesome. Sure would like to see a new newspost (eyes look away distractedly). Be contacting you before the end of October to see what's for sale, best wishes to you and yours :)

linda-mota responds:

you know i've been meaning tomessage you back i've been getting swamped with work related shit and getting shit together until i leave the country in december. also working on a serious project with a friend. totty as far as i know;s been going through a lot of shit work wise and other stuff he should be getting abck to you at least man. yea a lot of shit's been comign out more so during inktober. just saving up and trying to raise more money since this job i have isn't giving me enoug hours. yea you take it easy man hope you're doing well.